Professional Draenor Master

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Professional Draenor Master
  • Obtain 100 skill points in a "Draenor" category of a profession.
  • Reward: Title: <Artisan>

Professional Draenor Master is a profession achievement rewarded upon reaching 100 skill points in the Draenor category in a profession.


  1. [Professional Journeyman]
  2. [Professional Expert]
  3. [Professional Classic Master]
  4. [Professional Outland Master]
  5. [Professional Northrend Master]
  6. [Professional Cataclysmic Master]
  7. [Professional Zen Master]
  8. [Professional Draenor Master]
  9. [Professional Legion Master]
  10. [Professional Kul Tiran Master] / [Professional Zandalari Master]

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