Promenade Sentinel

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MobPromenade Sentinel
Image of Promenade Sentinel
Race Arcane golem (Mechanical)
Level 72 Elite
Health 464,940
Wealth 1g 6s 80c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Grand Promenade, Black Temple
"Unauthorized entry detected. Engaging annihilation protocols." [1]

Promenade Sentinel can be found in Black Temple.

Promenade Sentinel TCG.jpg


  • L1 Arcane Charge (Arcane) - Causes 1,259 to 1,391 Arcane damage to an enemy target.
  • L4 Arcane Charge (Arcane) - Causes 7,013 to 7,987 Arcane damage to nearby enemies.
  • L5 Arcane Charge (Arcane) - Deals Arcane damage to a single target equal to 100% of the target's maximum health.



Popularly nicknamed "One-Shot the Robot" due to its ability to kill a random player in the raid.

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