Proof of Demise: Mal'Ganis

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NeutralProof of Demise: Mal'Ganis

80 (Requires 80)


Daily Heroic


+75 Kirin Tor



Archmage Lan'dalock in Dalaran wants you to return with the  [Artifact from the Nathrezim Homeworld].

This quest may only be completed on Heroic difficulty.


<name>, a friend within the bronze dragonflight has given me information that we must exploit.

The mysterious beings of the Burning Legion called the dreadlords are also known racially as the Nathrezim. Little is known of their homeworld and even that is rumor.

However, it is known that Mal'Ganis of the past has made a critical error: he left behind an artifact from his homeworld!

Through the Caverns of Time, you must travel back to the time known as the Culling of Stratholme. Recover the artifact.


Relevant items

You will also receive: 22g 20s


We must capitalize on Mal'Ganis's mistake. It's not everyday that we get a chance like this.

If we can study that artifact, we may be able to gain a better understanding of the Nathrezim!


Amazing! I've never quite seen anything like it. I will see to it that it gets into the proper hands within the Violet Citadel.

If only you'd been allowed to change the course of history. Perhaps if Arthas had been kept from... no, down that path leads madness.

Surely the Keepers of Time know best in these matters.

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