Prophetess Cavrylin

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MobProphetess Cavrylin
Image of Prophetess Cavrylin
Gender Female
Race Shivarra (Demon)
Level 68 - 69 Demon
Health 6,280 - 6,491
Mana 2,991 - 3,080
Wealth 12s 58c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shadowmoon Valley

Prophetess Cavrylin is a shivarra who defends Legion Hold in Shadowmoon Valley along with the pit lords, Makazradon and Morgroron, and the man'ari eredar Deathbringer Jovaan.


  • Melee: 100 to 500 physical damage.
  • Chaos Nova: Inflicts 33 to 38 Fire damage to nearby enemies and burns the target for 4 Fire damage every 3 seconds.
  • Melt Fesh: Burns an enemy for 33 to 38 Fire damage, then inflicts an additional 4 Fire damage every 3 sec. for 15 sec.

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