Puddle Stomping (Horde)

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HordePuddle Stomping
Start Megs Dreadshredder
End Megs Dreadshredder
Level 45 (Requires 43)
Experience 5540
Rewards 65s (+33s at max level)
Shareable Yes


Kill 8 Tidal Striders.


Here's the situation. If we want to establish the Bilgewater Cartel's market presence in Gadgetzan, we'll need to start providing services to the community.

The new coast has been great for business here, but the sea also brought sea giants with it. They're large, foul, and drive real estate values down.

Head to the shallows just south of town and kill as many as you can, and I'll cut you in on some of the deals I'm brokering here.


You will receive: 65s (+33s at max level)


Property values have already gone up since you left. People like seafront views that don't include briny, gnarled giants stomping around.

Here's your cut, <name>.


  1. Breadcrumbs:B [43] Tanaris is Calling, A [45] Hero's Call: Tanaris!, H [45] Warchief's Command: Tanaris!
  2. B [45] Rocket Rescue

Butcherbot Quests:

  1. N [45] Butcherbot
  2. N [45] Scavengers Scavenged
  3. N [45] Blisterpaw Butchery

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