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NeutralPuzzlemaster Lo
Image of Puzzlemaster Lo
Title <The Earthen Ring>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 110
Class Shaman
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Heart of Azeroth
Status Alive

Puzzlemaster Lo is a pandaren located in the Heart of Azeroth. Beating Lo's puzzles will award the  [Lava Fountain] looted from the Maelstrom Chest.


To non-shaman

Welcome, <class>! This elemental realm at the precipice of the Maelstrom is the Heart of Azeroth, a most sacred place for those with shamanistic beliefs. In this room, those who proclaim a mastery over the elements may test their strength or spirit in a series of challenges.

But for you, there is nothing.

Not even snacks.

Totem puzzle

To develop harmony with the elements, one must study and understand the interactions between them. The totemic matrix is an ancient training method, a puzzle that will challenge one's mind and spirit. The object of the exercise is to transform all the totems to water totems. Simply touch a totem to invoke it. Know that all things are connected, a lesson invaluable in this puzzle... as in life!


You will be presented with a five-by-five matrix of elemental totems. Some are fire, some water. Your objective is to change them all to water totems.

Simply touch a totem to flip its elemental alignment. Ah, but the elements are connected to one another! Flipping a totem will also change the four totems adjacent to it.

Through patience, trial, and error, you should be able to coax all of the totems into water totems. Try your best, shaman!

If you find yourself completely lost, speak to me and I can reset the puzzle for you.

Puzzle 1

First totem puzzle solution

Puzzle 2

I can see why you answered the call of the shaman, <name>. You have a natural instinct for the interconnectedness of all things.

Are you ready for a slightly more difficult challenge?

Second totem puzzle solution

Puzzle 3

I am impressed. You are not just a shaman... you are an elemental craftsman. An artist! Azeroth is your canvas.

So far the challenges have all been balanced in their own right. But as you know, such order rarely appears in nature. How will you fare in an asymmetrical challenge?

Third totem puzzle solution

Puzzle 4

The totemic matrix is a training method that has been in use since before the mortal races recorded the passing of the days. Long, long ago, totems were not used at all. Instead, gnomes were set on fire. That was a joke, shaman. You may laugh now, should you choose.

The next challenge may appear simple, but it will truly test your abilities.

Fourth totem puzzle solution

Puzzle 5

The final challenge is a grueling tests of your mettle as a shaman. This is the puzzle that killed my father. Know that if you succeed, you will have the spirit, intelligence, and tenacity to conquer any challenge that life throws your way... in this room, at least.

It is easy to remain strong when fate is going our way. The TRUE test of character is how one fares when EVERYTHING is on fire...

Fifth totem puzzle solution

The challenge is complete! <name> is a totemic master!

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