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Image of Pydarter
Gender Female
Race Faerie dragon (Dragonkin)
Level 90
Health 87,515
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Talador [63, 4]
Status Alive

Pydarter is a level 90 faerie dragon found in Talador.


<The faerie dragon looks sad.>
Gossip How are you?
Oh, I've had better nights...I was working on a beautiful enchantment for months and months but no one got to see it! Hey, would YOU like to see it?
Gossip Sure, why not?

Pydarter transforms into Grand Empress Pydarter.

  • Grand Empress Pydarter says: BEHOLD! My wondrous creation! Convincing isn't it?
  • Grand Empress Pydarter says: Thanks for taking a moment to appreciate my hard work. It really makes me happy!


Grand Empress Pydarter
  • This is a tribute to the winner of the 2014 BlizzCon Costume Contest, CosplayPy.
  • She dressed up as Grand Empress Shek'zeer, however, before she could appear on stage during the costume contest she twisted her ankle and broke part of her costume so not many people got to see it at BlizzCon 2014.

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