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Pyrium Bar

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  • Pyrium Bar
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 25s

Pyrium Bars are a metal bar that can be created by miners from  [Pyrite Ore].



This item can be crafted using Mining (525); taught by Illustrious Mining trainers for 5g.

Materials required:
Inv ore arcanite 01.png 2x [Pyrite Ore]

The  [Transmute: Pyrium Bar] recipe can be learned for 20g from Alchemy trainers at 520 skill.

Requires Alchemy (520), Philosopher's Stone and
Inv misc pyriumbar.png 1x [Elementium Bar] Inv misc volatileearth.png 1x [Volatile Earth]

Creates: 3x  [Pyrium Bar]

Ingredient for


Currency for

Note: All plans cost 5x Pyrium Bar.

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