Qiana Moonshadow (quest)

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AllianceQiana Moonshadow

Qiana and Luuka pinned down
Start Vindicator Maraad [44.1, 53.3]
End Qiana Moonshadow [40.5, 54.0]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe)
Experience 13700
Rewards  [Follower: Qiana Moonshadow]
11g 40s
Previous B [90] Build Your Barracks
Next A [90] Delegating on Draenor


Speak with Qiana Moonshadow.


If we are to win this war we are going to need more than foot soldiers. We need champions.

Qiana Moonshadow's performance in Tanaan and Eventide Landing was quite impressive.

Perhaps you should speak with her about taking on a greater role in the battle against the Iron Horde.


You will gain these followers:  [Follower: Qiana Moonshadow]

You will also receive:

  • 11g 40s
  • 13700 XP


Luuka is a little shaken up, but he is safe, and that's all that really matters.

Look... commander, I owe you my life. All of us do honestly.

I would be honored to serve as your agent here in Draenor. If you have need of me, you need only say the word.


On accept:

Vindicator Maraad says: Qiana just headed out to Moonflower Valley. She is quite eager to explore this new land.

Exit to the south and follow the path, taking the right fork to find Qiana Moonshadow and Luuka at a broken caravan, staring down three Injured Stalkers. Finish them off, then interact with her:

Qiana Moonfang says: Commander! Your timing is impeccable as always.
Qiana Moonshadow says: Luuka, follow me. It is time we returned to the garrison.
Luuka says: I'll never sneak onto another wagon again. I swear!
They take off running back toward the garrison. In the Town Hall, find Qiana Moonshadow standing at Lieutenant Thorn's table.

On complete:

Qiana Moonshadow says: You have my utmost respect, commander. I will follow you into the dark anytime.


  1. A [90] Step Three: Prophet!
  2. A [90] Finding a Foothold
  3. A [90] For the Alliance!
  4. Complete both:
  5. A [90] Quakefist
  6. A [90] Establish Your Garrison
  7. Complete all of:
  8. A [90] Build Your Barracks
  9. A [90] Qiana Moonshadow
  10. A [90] Delegating on Draenor

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