Qiang the Merciless

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For information on how to defeat Qiang in the Mogu'shan Vaults, see Spirit Kings.
NeutralQiang the Merciless
Image of Qiang the Merciless
Title <Warlord King>
Gender Male
Race Mogu
Affiliation(s) Mogu empire
Occupation Emperor of Pandaria
Location Repository, Mogu'shan Vaults (spirit)
Status Ghost, killable

Qiang the Merciless, the Warlord King, was an emperor of the mogu empire. He was a great conqueror who ruled his vassals with an iron fist.[1] He was a master tactician and strategist. A random quote from the Warlord King's treatise reads, "Bones multiply as they are crushed."[2]

The earliest historical records of the yaungol dates back to the time of his reign. His scholars describe nomadic tribes of "intelligent bovine hunters" who roamed "expansive hunting grounds beyond the western reaches of the empire."[3] Qiang found the immense strength of the yaungol fascinating, and so ordered his flesh-shapers to enhance the bovine beings' might, savagery and intelligence. As a result of Qiang's actions, the yaungol would endure generations of slavery under the mogu empire's reign.[4]


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