Qiraji Slayer

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MobQiraji Slayer
Image of Qiraji Slayer
Gender Female
Race Qiraji battleguard (Humanoid)
Level 60 - 61 Elite
Health 123,840
Mana 2,486
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

Qiraji Slayers are found after the Twin Emperors. They can come in groups of one to four. There will also be a Qiraji Champion, and if there are less than four Slayers, there will be Qiraji Mindslayers instead.

Attacks and Abilities

  • [Cleave] - Small, AOE melee damage
  • [Whirlwind] - Will do heavy physical damage to cloth/leather wearer
  • Knockback - Knock the tank a short distance and reduce aggro
  • Frenzy - Attack 150% faster, and casts an AoE silence every 5 seconds. This effect can be removed by [Tranquilizing Shot].

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