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Quartermaster Alcorn

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AllianceQuartermaster Alcorn
Image of Quartermaster Alcorn
Title <Order of Embers Emissary>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 110 Elite
Health 173k
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Order of Embers
Location Arom's Stand, Drustvar
Quartermaster Alcorn's initial appearance during early testing.

Quartermaster Alcorn is a human located in Arom's Stand in Drustvar.

Vendor information

Quartermaster Alcorn
<Order of Embers Emissary>
Rep Item Cost Type
Honored Witch Hunter's Cape 1,100g Back
 [Schematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Orthogonal Optics] 1,100g Schematic
 [Recipe: Contract: Order of Embers] 1,100g Recipe
Ghostly Pet Biscuit 60g Consumable
Revered Formula: Enchant Ring - Pact of Versatility 1,400g Formula
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Gale-Force Striking 1,400g Formula
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Versatile Navigation 1,400g Formula
Design: Royal Quartz Loop 1,400g Design
Pattern: Deep Sea Bag 1,400g Pattern
Pattern: Embroidered Deep Sea Cloak 1,400g Pattern
 [Recipe: Battle Potion of Agility] 1,400g Recipe
 [Recipe: Recurve Bow of the Strands] 1,400g Recipe
 [Recipe: Potion of Rising Death] 1,400g Recipe
 [Recipe: Flask of the Undertow] 1,400g Recipe
 [Recipe: Coastal Rejuvenation Potion] 1,400g Recipe
 [Schematic: AZ3-R1-T3 Orthogonal Optics] 1,400g Back
 [Schematic: Frost-Laced Ammunition] 1,400g Back
Grips of the Oathsworn 1,400g Hands
Gauntlets of Renewed Resolution 1,400g Hands
 [Footpads of the Deft Exorcist] 1,400g Feet
Leggings of Devout Opposition 1,400g Legs
Tome of Hex: Wicker Mongrel 1,800g Tome
Pristine Falcon Feather 200 Polished Pet Charm Companion
Exalted  [Eternal Flamekeeper's Handwraps] 1,900g Hands
 [Woven Thornspeaker's Leggings] 1,900g Legs
 [Coven Buster's Waistguard] 1,900g Waist
 [Hexxed-Land Treads] 1,900g Feet
 [Tabard of the Order of Embers] 1,500g Tabard
 [Reins of the Smoky Charger] 5,000g Mount
Paragon [[]] Special

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