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Quartermaster Rickard

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AllianceQuartermaster Rickard
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Title <Waycrest Guard>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 120
Health 77,266
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Waycrest Guard
Location Drustvar
Status Alive

Quartermaster Rickard is a human located in Drustvar.


Item Cost
 [Blacksmith Hammer] 17c
 [Buttered Turnip Porridge] 2g 50s
 [Caraway Rye Loaf] 2g 50s
 [Cinnamon Raisin Pretzel] 2g 50s
 [Copper Rod] 1s 12c
 [Crimsonwood Crabapple] 2g 50s
 [Crystal Vial] 1s 35c
 [Enchanting Vellum] 9s
 [Explorer's Pack] 180g
 [Fishing Pole] 21c
 [Free-Range Goat's Milk] 2g 50s
 [Goldfield Sweet Yams] 2g 50s
 [Hatherford Brunost] 2g 50s
 [Herbalist's Spade] 95c
 [Jeweler's Kit] 7s 20c
 [Light Parchment] 14c
 [Mildenhall Mead] 3g 24s
 [Mining Pick] 73c
 [Rockskip Mineral Water] 2g 50s
 [Rosco Fryer's Mostly-Meat Brat] 4g 25s
 [Simple Wood] 35c
 [Skinning Knife] 74c
 [Sour Stormberries] 2g 50s
 [Steamed Clams] 2g 50s
 [Stormsong Sourdough] 2g 50s
 [Timmy Gene Sunrise Pork] 3g 50s
 [Tinker's Kit] 1g 80s
 [Tiragarde Sharp] 2g 50s
 [Vanishing Powder] 36s
 [Virtuoso Inking Set] 6s 75c
 [Whitegrove Pale Ale] 3g 24s



We got cots set up upstairs and room in the basement to stow yer gear.

It's not much, but it's better than bein' out there with the witches.

Binder Make this in your home.

Buy Let me browse your goods.

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