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Gender Male
Race Human
Class Mage
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor
Occupation Guardian of Azeroth
Location Unknown
Status Unknown (presumed deceased)
Companion(s) Moroes
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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

Quelen was a Guardian of Azeroth who researched the fel. He was unusual in that he involved Karazhan's caretaker, Moroes in every aspect of his work. According to the castellan, the fel destroyed Quelen because it made him paranoid and insecure. Moroes admitted that his love for Quelen made him hesitant to admit that Quelen didn't possess the strength of will that Medivh has. As such, he gave Medivh Quelen's journal and the new Guardian continued the research.[1]

Given the fact there's new Guardian, he is very likely deceased.


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