A Little Slime Goes a Long Way

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Not to be confused with A [54] A Little Slime Goes a Long Way.
AllianceA Little Slime Goes a Long Way

52 (Requires 48)


9150 EXP


Bring 6 Filled Cursed Ooze Jars and 6 Filled Tainted Ooze Jars to Laris Geardawdle in Ironforge.

Provided item:


But the thing I've studied most is ooze. I know it sounds odd, but they're all over!

I helped a lady in Menethil find her bag not too long ago--it was eaten by oozes. I've seen members of the Royal Apothecary Society from Undercity collecting samples of the stuff. I want to know why! Where does it come from?

I've heard of more in Felwood. What I need are samples of the oozes there so I can further my research. I'll give you containers, you use them to collect a sample from the deceased creatures.


You will receive: 75s


Some of the experiments I've done are fascinating. I think with a little more work, I'll be able to figure out the nature of these creatures and how they play into how life developed on Azeroth... if they even have anything to do with it to begin with.

One of my biggest theories that isn't well liked is the idea that oozes and slimes are tied to the creation of this planet... almost like they're a secretion of it.

But I can't prove or disprove it until I get more samples.


Amazing results, <name>! You got close enough to take a sample of the corrupted things, and managed to look no worse for wear! Thank you. Oh, these samples will be perfect. I can't wait to start testing on them.

If I'm right, I could be one of the Explorers' Leagues greatest scientists!

That'll prove to all the dwarves that it wasn't a mistake to allow us gnomes into Ironforge after the Gnomeregan incident.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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