Rescue From Jaedenar

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NeutralRescue From Jaedenar

55 (Requires 49)




This quest started the Rescue From Jaedenar quest chain.


Escort Arko'narin to where Lightforge and her equipment are being held, and then protect her as you escape Shadow Hold. Afterwards, seek out Jessir Moonbow in Felwood to let her know what's happened to her friends.


But, as much as it pains me, there is one thing that must be done first: I have to find Trey's sword Lightforge and escape Shadow Hold to tell my superiors what's happening here. Can you help me, <name>?

Our equipment isn't far from here, and you've already proven you can survive the path to the top.

After we escape, I'll head to Darnassus if you can find my friend Jessir near the Ashenvale border. She was to meet us at the Emerald Circle's camp near there.

What do you say, <name>? Can you help me again?


You were the one who helped Arko escape? I'm so glad you found me. She passed by here not too long ago on her way to Darnassus. She had Lightforge in tow and wouldn't even take time to speak to the druids to be healed. She said it was far too urgent.

But she did tell me about your encounter with Trey's spirit. What a terrible fate for a Knight of the Silver Hand. She didn't show it, but I know it's tearing her up inside, the thought of losing one of her closest friends.



You escort Arko'narin down to the (first) room split with a slime-filled pool. When Arko'narin reaches the pit circled with candles, she notes that some dark ritual must be going on. Other than defending her against the demons and cultists along the way, nothing special happens on the way to the chest with her gear.

After retrieving her equipment, Arko'narin transforms by spinning in place. After she is dressed in full armor and has her sword, she says, "All I need now is a golden lasso", a very obvious reference to Wonder Woman.

Before she leaves the chamber, a trio of demonic legionnaires ambush her. Later, in the next chamber (that had a legionnaire in it on the way down, another trio of legionnaires ambush her.

At the surface you meet the Spirit of Trey Lightforge, and he's not happy to see Arko'narin. He calls her a betrayer, and attacks. Between the two of you, you defeat him, completing the escort objective.


  1. N [55] A Strange Red Key
  2. N [55] Rescue From Jaedenar
  3. N [57] Retribution of the Light
  4. N [57] The Remains of Trey Lightforge

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