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AllianceWebwood Egg

5 (Requires 3)




+350 Darnassus


A [4] Webwood Venom

Webwood Egg is an Alliance only quest in Shadowglen, the night elf starting area. In this quest, players venture into the Shadowthread Cave in northwestern Shadowglen to obtain a spider egg for Gilshalan Windwalker.


Bring a  [Webwood Egg] to Gilshalan in Aldrassil.


Now that I have the spiders' venom, I'd like some live specimens to study. Unfortunately, capturing a living, giant spider is more than I can ask of you, young <class>. And a giant spider is more than I could handle myself!

But if you can find an unhatched egg, then delivering specimens will be much easier, and I can then arrange for the unhatched spiders to be contained.

There must be a nest deep in the Shadowthread Cave. Please, search for an egg in the nest and return it to me.


Have you been inside the Shadowthread Cave, <name>? Did you find a spider egg?


Ah, very good. I will have this egg and the venom transported to Darnassus, then return there when my studies are done here. I expect to find out a great deal from these specimens, <name>. You have been a great help to me.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shield 03.png [Woodland Shield] Inv chest leather 09.png [Woodland Tunic]
Inv chest cloth 22.png [Woodland Robes]



Obtaining this quest

Gilshalan Windwalker [58, 42] is at the base of the ramp leading up into the tree Aldrassil. After turning in A [4] Webwood Venom to him, talk to him again to receive this quest.

Completing this quest

Return to Shadowthread Cave [57, 32] in northwestern Shadowglen and go inside. Take the middle path at the first split. Continue straight again and then follow the path up and around to the right. You should find eggs here. You will most likely have to defeat Githyiss the Vile to access the eggs.

When you have a  [Webwood Egg], return to Gilshalan at the base of Aldrassil.


  1. A [4] Webwood Venom
  2. A [5] Webwood Egg

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