Quest:What Lies Beneath

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NeutralWhat Lies Beneath
What Lies Beneath

89 (Requires 87)




+75 Shado-Pan





Speak to Yalia Sagewhisper to begin the ceremony.

Then, activate the Totem of Kindness, the Totem of Tranquility, and the Totem of Serenity.


If my suspicions are correct, this place still reels from some lingering darkness.

Whatever happened here... it could not have been the natural course of events.

Even the yaungol are not so brutal as to slaughter their own kind to the point of... this.

I will use the totems that you brought me to perform a cleansing ritual.

I need someone to assist me in the ceremony. Let me know when you are ready.


You will receive: 11g


I believe that we must drive the taint from this place.


We look upon the true face of hatred!

Now it all makes sense. This is the work of the sha.



The sha have come

Speak with her again.

I do not like this place, <race>. There is something strange about it.
Gossip I am ready to begin the ritual.
Yalia Sagewhisper says: Follow me, <name>. We will use these totems to purify the earth.
Yalia Sagewhisper says: Now! Let us see what darkness corrupts this place!
Yalia Sagewhisper says: <Name>, help me by activating the three large totems.

There are three big totams and six small totems in a decently large circle centered on Yalia. Interact with each of the big ones.

Yalia Sagewhisper says: Wha.... What's happening?!?
The adventurer is stunned as a giant sha appears out of ground

After regaining control, immediately run to the giant glowing circle on the ground, a huge Pool of Harmony. The pool reduces the amount of hatred a player has, as indicated by a progress bar in the center of the screen. Should players let the progress bar reach 100%, they will spawn a Seething Hatred of their own to deal with. Additionally, Spiteful Spirits will spawn, aggroed on the player from halfway across the map. Attempt to stay near guards, as even though they are possessed by the sha, they will still kill yaungol.


Optional breadcrumb: N [89] In Search of Suna

  1. N [89] Dust to Dust & N [89] Slaying the Scavengers & N [89] Totemic Research & N [89] Last Toll of the Yaungol
  2. N [89] What Lies Beneath
  3. N [89] Hatred Becomes Us & N [89] Spiteful Spirits
  4. N [89] The Point of No Return

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