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Quivering Blood

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MobQuivering Blood
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Race Oozeling (Aberration)
Level 90 Elite
Health 39,394
Location Big Blossom Excavation, Dark Heart of Pandaria
Status Killable

Quivering Bloods are the droplet of Y'Shaarj's blood. They invaded the Big Blossom Mine when the goblin squad breached the chamber containing the Heart of Y'Shaarj.


  • Spell yorsahj bloodboil purple.png  Dark Blood — Inflicts Shadow damage to minions of Y'Shaarj within 0 yards of the dying creature.
  • Spell hunter icetrap.png  Ice Trap — Place a frost trap that creates an ice slick around itself for 30 sec when the first enemy approaches it. All enemies within 10 yards will be slowed by 50% while in the area of effect. Trap will exist for 1 min.

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