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Racial traits, commonly referred to as racials, are special abilities or powers granted to a player character based on race. These traits come in both active and passive forms. Each race has at least 3 traits (several passive and at least one active trait per race) known by all characters of that race at the time of creation.

Racials represent the main gameplay difference between races, and aside from faction choice, the main non-cosmetic basis to choose between races.


Race Faction Racial Abilities
Dwarf AllianceAlliance [Explorer], [Frost Resistance], [Might of the Mountain], [Stoneform]
Gnome AllianceAlliance [Arcane Resistance], [Engineering Specialist], [Escape Artist], [Expansive Mind], [Nimble Fingers]
Human AllianceAlliance [Every Man for Himself], [Diplomacy], [The Human Spirit]
Night elf AllianceAlliance [Elusiveness], [Nature Resistance], [Quickness], [Shadowmeld], [Touch of Elune], [Wisp Spirit]
Draenei AllianceAlliance [Gift of the Naaru], [Heroic Presence], [Gemcutting], [Shadow Resistance]
Worgen AllianceAlliance [Darkflight], [Viciousness], [Aberration], [Two Forms], [Running Wild], [Flayer]
Lightforged draenei AllianceAlliance [Light's Judgment], [Forge of Light], [Demonbane], [Light's Reckoning], [Holy Resistance]
Void elf AllianceAlliance [Chill of Night], [Entropic Embrace], [Ethereal Connection], [Preternatural Calm], [Spatial Rift]
Dark Iron dwarf AllianceAlliance [Dungeon Delver], [Fireblood], [Forged in Flames], [Mass Production], [Mole Machine]
Kul Tiran AllianceAlliance [Brush It Off], [Child of the Sea], [Haymaker], [Jack of All Trades], [Rime of the Ancient Mariner]
Pandaren NeutralNeutral [Epicurean], [Gourmand], [Inner Peace], [Bouncy], [Quaking Palm]
Orc HordeHorde [Blood Fury], [Command], [Hardiness]
Tauren HordeHorde [Brawn], [Cultivation], [Endurance], [Nature Resistance], [War Stomp]
Troll HordeHorde [Beast Slaying], [Berserking], [Da Voodoo Shuffle], [Regeneration]
Undead HordeHorde [Will of the Forsaken], [Cannibalize], [Touch of the Grave], [Shadow Resistance]
Blood elf HordeHorde [Arcane Affinity], [Arcane Acuity], [Arcane Resistance], [Arcane Torrent]
Goblin HordeHorde [Rocket Jump], [Rocket Barrage], [Time is Money], [Best Deals Anywhere], [Pack Hobgoblin], [Better Living Through Chemistry]
Highmountain tauren HordeHorde [Bull Rush], [Pride of Ironhorn], [Mountaineer], [Rugged Tenacity], [Waste Not, Want Not]
Nightborne HordeHorde [Ancient History], [Arcane Affinity], [Cantrips], [Arcane Pulse], [Magical Resistance]
Mag'har orc HordeHorde [Ancestral Call], [Open Skies], [Savage Blood], [Sympathetic Vigor]
Zandalari troll HordeHorde [City of Gold], [Embrace of the Loa], [Pterrordax Swoop], [Regeneratin']

Removed racial traits