Rackmore's Log

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Logbook of the late Captain Rackmore.

Rackmore's Log is a logbook containing the events of Captain Rackmore and his ship, the Gallant. It's found on the shores of Desolace. [36.1, 30.4]



Rackmore's Log

I am Ulysses Rackmore, captain of the Gallant. And this is the log of the last few days of my doomed ship.

We were sailing to Feathermoon Stronghold with a shipment of supplies when naga stormed the sides of the Gallant. We drove them back but knew they'd return. Fearing the loss of my most precious belongings, I steered the Gallant to an island off the coast of Desolace, one with old, night elf ruins. And there I left my treasure chest.

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My chest is one of ingenious design, and requires two keys to unlock, one gold and one silver. The first key, the silver key, I gave to my first mate, and I kept the gold.

But we were doomed to lose them. My key was lost during the next naga attack, and my first mate's was lost a day later when a drysnap makrura assailed us and pulled him into the deep.

I am sure the naga and makrura have the keys. I am glad the two are enemies and will not share them.

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After the makrura attack, we could see that the Gallant would not survive another. So I and the few surviving sailors abandoned my ship.

We are now ashore and will soon strike out for the town of Nijel's Point, but much danger lies between us and sanctuary, and I fear Desolace will consume us.

I write this now in hopes that someone will know our plight, and some day avenge us against the watery fiends who were our ruin.

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