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Image of Raga'yut
Gender Female
Race Imp mother (Demon)
Level 112 Rare Elite
Health 43,376,308 (M)
Mana 285,263
Wealth 3g 48s 90c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Cathedral of Eternal Night
Status Killable

Raga'yut is an imp mother located in the Cathedral of Eternal Night.


  • Bitter Embrace - An uncomfortable feeling washes over all enemies within 60 yards, inflicting 72 Shadow damage and reducing all healing and absorbs received by 10% for 12 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Burning Celerity Summons a field of Fel energy that increases Haste by 50% for all units inside of the field.
Enemies within the field suffer 80750 to 89250 Fire damage every 1 sec.
  • Wafting Filth - The caster belches foul liquid at a random enemy that leaves behind a Noxious Cloud. Players that stand in the cloud suffer 9 Nature damage every 1 sec.

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