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Image of Raggis
Gender Male
Race Virmen (Humanoid)
Level 7
Health 822
Reaction Hostile
Affiliation(s) Plump
Location Wandering Isle
Status Killable

Raggis is a large virmen found at the Ki-Han Brewery on the Wandering Isle. He's preventing the farmers from working on the brewery.  [Dai-Lo Recess Mallet] can be found sitting on a barrel near him.


  • Basic attack
  • Spell shaman earthquake.png  Burrow — Raggis Burrows into the ground and charges at random targets. Enemies caught in Raggis' path suffer 50 Physical damage and are knocked back.


Raggis can burrow underground and keep attacking. Ranged characters should have no issues with this mob, melee however should use caution and stay away from Raggis while he's burrowed. A couple of Dai-Lo Farmers will aid you should you get close to them as well.

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