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Image of Rahjak
Gender Male
Race Fel orc
Class Blademaster
Status Deceased
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Rahjak is a fel orc blademaster and an antagonist of Pearl of Pandaria.


Some time ago he fought Chen Stormstout and lost, and in an attempt to gain more power he drank demon blood and became a fel orc. Rahjak was hired by the naga Zhahara Darksquall to find the Pearl of Pandaria. On a personal level, Rahjak is looking for the "breath of eternity", the moment in a fight where two evenly matched combatants stop and look into the other's eyes and contemplate an untold number of techniques, strategies, and scenarios. To find this moment, Rahjak challenges fighters all across Azeroth.

In a confrontation with Chen Stormstout, Rahjak met his end when Strongbo stabbed him with a broken spear.[1]


The author of the graphic novel Micky Neilson discussed some details about the development of Rahjak during an interview with Blizzplanet:

"He's a very interesting character, and another one that we sit down and we thought ok the blademaster was certainly a very cool unit type and one that we wanted to revisit, and then we thought "What’s even cooler than that?" ... a fel orc blademaster. It's just keeping cool over cool. We did a little bit of research on that, and the thinking is that he’s probably from the Burning Blade clan, and he went into Outland — and this is probably after Illidan was defeated, but he was able to figure out a way to have demon blood infused into him probably tying into The Maker and those questslines from the game.

Early concept art.

In a very broad and general sense the idea was simply, he went to Outland, he figured out a way to be corrupted by demon blood, and he became a fel orc.

His ultimate goal is to be the best fighter, the best combatant or martial artist on Azeroth. So to him, defeat is unacceptable, and he fought Chen at some point previous to the events of the book, and he was defeated by Chen, and so he couldn't take that. He couldn't accept that. So he decided then to kind of buff himself up even more by going to Outland and being corrupted, and he believed that that would raise him to the next level to be able to defeat Chen."[2]


  • Despite being a blademaster, Rahjak has no symbol on his flag.
  • Rahjak dislikes being disturbed while meditating.