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Not to be confused with Kaganishu.
Image of Rakanishu
Gender Male
Race Fire elemental
Location The Catacombs
Status Killable

This article contains information and lore exclusive to Hearthstone, and is considered non-canon.

Rakanishu is presumably a fire elemental featured in the Kobolds & Catacombs expansion for Hearthstone. It lives inside King Togwaggle's crown, which was given by Arch-Thief Rafaam.


  • Rakanishu was originally one of the Fallen leaders in Diablo II, encountered in Act I of the game.
    • He is also referenced in World of Warcraft, as kobolds in Highmountain will sometimes yell "Rakanishu!" in combat, just like the Fallen monsters did in Diablo II.

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