Rakera's Journal

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  • Rakera's Journal
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Rakera's Journal is a quest reward from H [110 - 120] Secrets in the Sand.


Rakera's Journal

Day 1

I write this as I sit in a cage with a dozen other exiles, travelin' to da sands where we will live out our days, however numbered they may be.

The air, heavy with heat, tells me we're close.

Day 2

The sun has set across da dunes, providing some relief from da heat that has made many delirious.

In a sun-stricken stupor, one among us began ramblin' about a temple to da south dat welcomes exiles.

I doubt he will make it through da night.

Day 3

Our camp was attacked in da middle of da night by one among us.

Unarmed and befuddled by sleep, we were unable ta defend ourselves.

I fought off the traitor, but it was too late; the survivors had scattered, each now forced ta navigate this unforgiving terrain alone.

Day 4

I won't survive much longer without food or water.

After travelin' in circles for most of da day, I decided my only option was ta follow da advice of a ramblin' madman and head south toward da promise of shelter.


  • The book's contents are for the most part a copy of Warguard Rakera's writings, which the player recovered during H [110 - 120] Secrets in the Sand. However, there are some spelling differences between the journal and the quest (such as "da" instead of "de"), and the third page is wholly different, as in the quest Rakera stated that the exiles were attacked by multiple assassins sent by General Jakra'zet, rather than a single traitor from their own ranks.

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