Ralshiara's Demise

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NeutralRalshiara's Demise

96 (Requires 96)




27g 60s



Kill Ralshiara.


It was said in the Journal of the Rising Sun that eating in the mornings cannot be done without harming a few eggs.

The Bloodmane matron, Ralshiara, feasts upon sacred raven eggs for her snacks, How dare she! She must die for her sins!

Take the path south over the mountains to reach the accursed home of the Bloodmane.

Take this trinket, it fell to us from the heavens as a sign of the Raven Mother's favor and with it you might have a chance.


You will receive: 27g 60s


Let it be known that on this day the stranger has returned victorious from slaying the feared foe of the Flock!

Praise the Raven Mother!


  • 18150 XP


Pick up N [96] Declawing the Bloodmane and N [96] The Egg Thieves before heading out.

Loop around Swarmleaf's position to the southwest to enter Bloodmane Valley. Immediately after entering the valley, loop northwest uphill to find at [48.9, 54.7] an Offering to the Raven Mother.

Cut southwest to find Ralshiara standing in front of a den. Use the quest item to spawn a laser pointer, that Ralshiara dutifully tries to nab. It lasts for 30 sec, so use it again once the laser pointer wears off. Eggs are at the base of Tied Stakes, which Dread Raven Hatchlings are bound to, or inside dens.

At the southwestern extent of the Too Many Eggs quest area, inside a den at [49.1, 62.6] is an  [Elixir of Shadow Sight]. Find another Offering to the Raven Mother at [51.9, 64.7] at the top of ahill nestled against a tree. Access this one by getting to the southeastern end of the quest area and running uphill to the east toward the den. Just before entering the den, take a left heading north up the hill. Get to the opposite side of the tree blocking the path to find the offering.

Turn back in at the Nest of the Ravenspeakers.


  1. N [96] Cult of the Ravenspeakers
  2. N [96] To the... Rescue?
  3. N [96] The High Ravenspeaker
  4. N [96] Rendezvous with the Ritualists
  5. Complete both:
  6. Complete all of:
  7. N [96] The Initiate's Revenge
  8. N [96] Call of the Raven Mother
  9. N [96] On Ebon Wings
  10. N [96] When All Is Aligned

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