Ran'thos Lunastre

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NeutralRan'thos Lunastre
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Gender Male
Race Nightborne
Occupation Head of House Lunastre
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Ly'leth Lunastre (daughter), Anarys Lunastre (second child), Ardrias (nephew)[1]

Ran'thos Lunastre was a prominent nightborne noble and former head of House Lunastre, residing within the nightborne capital city of Suramar. The father of Ly'leth and Anarys, Ran'thos would eventually die under unclear circumstances shortly before the beginning of the Nightfallen rebellion; Ly'leth seems to believe that his death was the result of his opposition to Grand Magistrix Elisande.[2] A memorial dedicated to Ran'thos stands in the Lunastre Estate.

His daughter Ly'leth would succeed him as head of the family, and would carry the values of her father with her as she ruled her house. She considered herself to be honoring Ran'thos's memory in joining and aiding the Nightfallen rebels in opposing Elisande and the Burning Legion, though this view was not shared by her younger sibling, Anarys.

Inscription on the Lunastre Memorial

Ran'thos Lunastre

Head of House Lunastre. Father of Ly'leth and Anarys.

Died in honorable service to Grand Magistrix Elisande.



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