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Raptor Hatchlings are companions that were added in Patch 3.2.0. One is bought, three are rare drops from raptor mobs, and four are 100% drops from rare spawning nests.


What the lootable nests look like.
Pet Drop / Vendor Zone
 [Darting Hatchling] Dart's Nest Dustwallow Marsh
 [Deviate Hatchling] Combat [17-19+]  Deviate Guardian and Combat [17-19+]  Deviate Ravager Wailing Caverns
 [Gundrak Hatchling] Combat [76-77+]  Gundrak Raptor Zul'Drak
 [Leaping Hatchling] Takk's Nest The Barrens
 [Obsidian Hatchling] Neutral Breanni for 50g (at neutral Kirin Tor reputation) Dalaran
 [Ravasaur Hatchling] Ravasaur Matriarch's Nest Un'goro Crater
 [Razormaw Hatchling] Razormaw Matriarch's Nest Wetlands
 [Razzashi Hatchling] Stranglethorn Vale mobs Zul'Gurub

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