Raptor Mastery

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NeutralRaptor Mastery
Start Hemet Nesingwary Jr.
End Hemet Nesingwary Jr.
Level 28 (Requires 24)
Category Northern Stranglethorn
Experience 2850
Rewards  [Raptor Slayer's Band],
 [Belt of the Raptor], or
 [Tethis' Skull]
Previous N [27] Raptor Prowess

This quest is part of The Stranglethorn Safari quest chain.


Hunt Tethis.


Before returning to Nesingwary's Expedition, you will have to complete the impossible: hunt the raptor that no other hunter has been able to capture. That beast goes by the name of Tethis, and he's been known to terrorize the southeastern corner of Northern Stranglethorn.

Bringing Tethis' talon back to that dwarf hunter should be proof that you are no ordinary <race>.


Ah, so you're hunting Tethis? Tracked her all the way back to camp, did you?


Master <name>, the raptor slayer!

Has a nice ring to it, eh?


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry ring 77.png [Raptor Slayer's Band] Inv belt 37a.png [Belt of the Raptor]
Inv mace 123.png [Tethis' Skull]

You will also receive: 70s



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