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Not to be confused with Raptor Hatchling (Zuldazar).
What the lootable nests look like.

Raptor hatchlings are companions that were added in patch 3.2.0. One is bought, three are rare drops from raptor mobs, and four are 100% drops from rare spawning nests.


Pet Drop / Vendor Zone
 [Darting Hatchling] Dart's Nest Dustwallow Marsh
 [Deviate Hatchling] Mob  Deviate Guardian and Mob  Deviate Ravager Wailing Caverns
 [Gundrak Hatchling] Mob  Gundrak Raptor Zul'Drak
 [Leaping Hatchling] Takk's Nest The Barrens
 [Obsidian Hatchling] Neutral Breanni for 50g (at neutral Kirin Tor reputation) Dalaran
 [Ravasaur Hatchling] Ravasaur Matriarch's Nest Un'goro Crater
 [Razormaw Hatchling] Razormaw Matriarch's Nest Wetlands
 [Razzashi Hatchling] Stranglethorn Vale mobs Zul'Gurub

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