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Image of Ras'an
Title <Master Pet Tamer>
Race Sporeling (Humanoid)
Level 63
Health 6,368
Location Sporewind Lake, Zangarmarsh [17.3, 50.5]
Status Alive

Ras'an is a master Pet Tamer located on the eastern edge of Sporewind Lake in Zangarmarsh, just outside Sporeggar. It is surrounded by its three battle pets: Fungor, Glitterfly, and Tripod.

Defeating Ras'an is required to complete the [Taming Outland] and [Taming Azeroth] achievements.


Humanoid Fungor
[Creeping Fungus]
[Spore Shrooms]
Flying Glitterfly
[Cocoon Strike]
[Glowing Toxin]
Magic Tripod
[Arcane Storm]
[Psychic Blast]
[Surge of Power]


I want to travel the world someday. Have you ever seen Stormwind?

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