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Raw food types

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Raw food types were removed from WoW in Patch 3.0.2.

Two new food types, raw meat and raw fish, were added with the release of The Burning Crusade. There never was a whole lot of documentation or examples of raw meat and raw fish.

It is clear that consumable food ingredient items with the name 'raw ...' such as the raw fishes, were not of the type 'raw ...'. Named 'raw fish' are generally edible by the player character and fish eating pets, and player characters and fish eating pets, like cats, could not eat the new raw food types (unless the pet could specifically also eat raw fish, like dragonhawks).

It appears base on the few examples that the 'raw ...' types were poor (gray) quality vendor trash item. An example (on Petopia, see External links below) was  [Partially Digested Meat]. Another was  [Squashed Rabbit Carcass].

The addition of the two 'raw ...' types was not a significant factor in game play. The 'raw ...' type items were not common. The four pet types (dragonhawks, nether rays, ravagers, and serpents) that could eat one or both of these also ate the more readily available normal version. Interestingly, the mob, crocolisks, that drop the one known example, Partially Digested Meat, would not eat it when tamed as a pet. Nor would carrion birds, known scavengers, eat such meat.

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