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This article is about the infernal. For the hyena, see Raze (hyena). For the TCG ability, see Raze (Wrathgate).
Image of Raze
Title <Nilith's Guardian>
Race Infernal (Elemental)
Level 48
Health 4,200
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Unknown

Raze was a friendly infernal that could be found in Searing Gorge. He is the minion of Nilith Lokrav, and used in the tailoring quest N [50] Shadoweaver to help hunt down poachers.


Raze says: What want from Raze?
Raze says: Use staff, tell Raze what do! Show Raze poacher! Raze smash!
Raze says: Raze follow <Name>! Raze SMASH poachers! SMASH SMASH SMASH! Tell Raze to SMASH by playing with stick! SMASH!

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