Ready to Rumble

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NeutralReady to Rumble
Start Recycler Kerchunk
End Recycler Kerchunk
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Mechagon Island
Experience 17,850
Reputation +150 Rustbolt Resistance
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous N [120] Right Bot for the Job
Next N [120] Knock 'Em Out The Box


Acquire a Sixteen-Servo-Actuator from Bondo Bigblock.


We're going to need a new Sixteen-Servo-Actuator if we're going to fix the controls on this thing.

Bondo's gang at the yard probably has one, but they usually aren't too helpful.

Talk to Bondo, see if you can get us one.


You will receive:


Did you head over to the yard yet?


I really didn't think Bondo would give us one of these!


On approach
Recycler Kerchunk says: Bondo's gonna be difficult, he never gives anything away for free!
Speaking with Bondo

You got some guts coming to ask us for help.

Gossip I need a sixteen spring servo-actuator.

Sure we got one of those! It should be in that strongbox, just over there.
If you want it, you just need to get past my whole gang first!

Pistonhead Recyclers, Humongous, Repeating Wrenchbots, and Chattertooth attack you. Once the objective is completed, Knucles attacks. After defeating him, open Bondo's Strongbox.

On completion
Recycler Kerchunk says: Check back tomorrow, we may need some more help!

Criteria of


Note: You can only do one quest per day.

  1. N [120] Shop Project
  2. N [120] Right Bot for the Job
  3. N [120] Ready to Rumble
  4. N [120] Knock 'Em Out The Box
  5. N [120] A Little Leg Work
  6. N [120] The Nuts and Bolts of It
  7. N [120] Factory Refurbished
  8. N [120] Grease The Wheels
  9. N [120] Emission Free
  10. N [120] Test Drive
  11. N [120] Knock His Bot Off
  12. N [120] Drive It Away Today

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