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RealmRanker is a site that attempts to rank players, guilds, and realms based on completed achievements. The system generates a score for an achievement based on the percentage of players on the realm that have completed it. The more players that have completed the achievement, the fewer points it's worth.

realmRanker was not designed to be a raid progression tracking system, rather it was designed to give a measure of skill and/or dedication of a given guild. The theory behind this is that the fewer people have a given achievement, the harder the achievement must be to get. This works for most cases, however it does not work for all.

One case where ranking achievements in this way falls apart is in the "100,000 Honor Kills" sort of achievements. While there's something to be said for a player having 100,000+ honor kills, it's not so much a measure of player skill, rather it is a measure of the time the player has been playing World of Warcraft and how much they PVP. These sorts of achievements are included in the score generated by RealmRanker, giving older characters a boost over younger ones.


  • As with many WoW fan sites, this one has gold seller ads, but they are not pervasive or intrusive.
  • Response from realmRanker: It's very hard to get Google AdSense to filter out all gold sellers, if I could, I would =(

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