Reaves Module: Piloted Combat Mode

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  • Reaves Module: Piloted Combat Mode
  • Use: Teach Reaves how to enter Piloted Combat Mode.
  • Sell Price: 8s 75c

This is one of the the modules for  [Reaves Battery].


This item is crafted with Engineering (720); taught by Schematic: Reaves Module: Piloted Combat Mode.


Materials required:
Inv felslate.png 200x [Felslate] Inv engineering blingtronscircuitdesigntutorial.png 50x [X-87 Battle Circuit]
Inv eng gizmo1.png 50x [Hardened Circuitboard Plating] Inv gizmo fuelcell.png 1x [Predictive Combat Operations Databank]
Inv gizmo felstabilizer.png 1x [Fel Piston Stabilizer] Inv misc comb 02.png 1x [Neural Net Detangler]

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