Rebellious Troll

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MobRebellious Troll
Image of Rebellious Troll
Gender Male
Race Forest troll (Humanoid)
Level 3 - 4
Reaction Horde
Location Kaja'mine, Kezan [68.8, 80.7]
Status Killable (initially), Deceased (later)

Rebellious Trolls were once Troll Slaves working for the goblins at the Kaja'mine in Kezan.

Later, the mine is caught in fire and is littered with bodies of the trolls.


  • Dis here be our kaja'mite! We mine it up with our own sweat an' blood!
  • I not gonna take it anymore, mon!
  • Kezan for da trolls!
  • Lil' green goblin gonna bleed for all ya done!
  • Maybe I take dem bombs from ya an' we see who go boom!
  • Outa my way, mon. I'm off ta join da pirates!
  • Ya bring down da big badda dragon an' destroy da island!
  • Ya got some nerve, mon!


  • Even when dead, they can aggro the player.

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