Recipe: Dig Rat Stew

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  • Recipe: Dig Rat Stew
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Use: Teaches you how to cook a disgusting Dig Rat Stew.
    • Dig Rat Stew
    • Use: Restores 530 health over 24 sec. Must remain seated while eating.
    • Requires Level 10
    • Sell Price: 70c
  • Requires Dig Rat
  • Requires Cooking (90)
  • Sell Price: 2s

Recipe: Dig Rat Stew is a cooking recipe that teaches how to cook delicious  [Dig Rat Stew].


A transferable version (non-BoP) of the recipe was once a reward from the quest H Cooking [23] Dig Rat Stew. It was also possible to purchase BoP-versions from the following NPCs:

Both the quest and Prospector Khazgorm was removed in Cataclysm, making it impossible to acquire the recipe.

The recipe was however reimplemented in 4.2. It was available as a (BoP) drop from the mobs in the Bael Modan dig site (from dwarves or tauren mobs, depending on faction). However, Bael Modan is subject to phasing, which meant that completing some quests will caused the mobs that dropped the recipe to become invisible to the player.

Starting with 4.3, the recipes items could no longer be obtained in the game. However, Dig Rats began dropping Plump Dig Rats, which when "cooked" near a fire yield two  [Dig Rat Stew] and teach the  [Dig Rat Stew] cooking spell. Essentially, the Plump Dig Rats replaced the recipe items in the game.

Patch changes

Previously, Alliance cooks could only get this quest through the neutral Auction Houses.

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