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Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Wonder

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  • Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Wonder
  • Use: Teaches you how to make a Flask of Chromatic Wonder.
    • Flask of Chromatic Wonder
    • Use: Increases resistance to all schools of magic by 35 and all stats by 18 for 1 hour. Counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir. This effect persists through death.
    • Requires Level 65
    • Sell Price: 12s 50c
  • Requires Dreaming Glory (7), Netherbloom (3), Fel Lotus, Melted Vial
  • Requires Alchemy (375)
  • Requires The Violet Eye - Honored
  • Sell Price: 1g


This item is a reputation reward; you must be Honored with The Violet Eye to purchase it for 4g from Apprentice Darius in Deadwind Pass.

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