Recipe: Mageblood Elixir

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  • Recipe: Mageblood Elixir
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Teaches you how to make a Mageblood Elixir.
    • Mageblood Elixir
    • Use: Increases your Versatility by 26 for 1 hour.  Battle Elixir. (3 Sec Cooldown)
    • Requires Level 40
    • Sell Price: 10s
  • Requires Dreamfoil, Sorrowmoss (2), Crystal Vial
  • Requires Alchemy (275)
  • Requires Zandalar Tribe - Revered
  • Sell Price: 1g 25s

The Recipe: Mageblood Elixir was a reputation reward; you had to be Revered with the Zandalar Tribe to purchase it for 5g from Rin'wosho the Trader <Zandalar Supplies and Repair> in Stranglethorn Vale.

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