Red Rocks

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The sacred Red Rocks.

The Red Rocks are located in the northeastern area of Mulgore[62, 21]. They are ancient ancestral holy grounds for the tauren tribes because they hold a great spiritual energy potential. It is a site where fallen heroes of the tauren were sent to the Earth Mother and Sky Father via cleansing flame.[1]

Recently, a group of Bristleback quilboars invaded the Red Rocks and defiled the holy place with their filth, which has greatly enraged the tauren of Thunder Bluff.

The top area of Red Rocks is also used for ceremonies. At the start of the war against the Lich King, Hamuul Runetotem performed a ceremony atop Red Rocks for a deceased female tauren and her son. The Bristleback quilboars attacked him there, but he defeated them. Valeera Sanguinar and Rehgar Earthfury flew there to meet with Hamuul and to invite him to Theramore and the New Council of Tirisfal.[2]

Red Rocks were also the area were Cairne Bloodhoof was burned.[3] Kador Cloudsong summoned his spirit to speak with Baine at the beginning of the trial of Garrosh Hellscream.[4]



  • On the cliffs above the Red Rocks you can find a small hut with a cave below it.