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Red Silk Bandanas

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AllianceRed Silk Bandanas

17 (Requires 14)



You must succeed in escorting The Defias Traitor in A [18G2] The Defias Brotherhood before you can receive this quest.


Gather 10  [Red Silk Bandana] from Defias in The Deadmines.


It's no secret that the trademark of the Defias Gang is their Red Bandanas. But we've learned that the material from which these bandanas are made signifies the member's rank.

That being said, I want you to eliminate as many high ranking Defias members as you can. The highest ranking members will undoubtedly be found in VanCleef's secret hideout. When you're done bring me 10 Red Silk Bandanas as proof of their deaths and I will reward you. Good luck, <name>.


Any of the Defias (normal or elite) inside the Deadmines or surrounding area will drop the bandanas. This include those in the instance as well but note that you do not have to enter the instance in order to collect them.


You will be allowed to choose one of the following:

Inv throwingaxe 01.png [Piercing Axe] Inv weapon shortblade 01.png [Scrimshaw Dagger]
Inv sword 23.png [Solid Shortblade]

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