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Not to be confused with Red pox.

The red mist,[1] also called the "Horde's red pox"[2] or simply referred to as fel plague[3] and fel energies,[4] was a mass released upon Shattrath City by the Old Horde. It was created by the Shadow Council when they melded their magics with the red pox disease. The mixture was loaded into crude bombs and lobbed at Shattrath.[5] When it was deployed, the draenei defenders immediately began choking. The draenei that survived the exposure of the mist were cut off from the Light and later transformed into the Broken and eventually the Lost One draenei. The most well-known survivors are Nobundo and Akama.

It was probably not used again due to adverse side effects on the orcs as well as on their enemies.[6]

The mist's effects on the draenei is extremely similar to the Curse of Sethe that affected the arakkoa, both of them weakening their victims and cutting them off from light magic. These similarities are probably because the red pox that the mist was a mutation of was inspired by the Curse of Sethe when the Gorian Empire created it to fight the orcs.[7]