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Redemption (Neutral)

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For other uses, see Redemption (disambiguation).
Start Tirion Fordring
End Tirion Fordring
Level 56 (Requires 52)
Category Eastern Plaguelands
Experience 575 EXP
Previous N [56] Blood Tinged Skies, N [56] Carrion Grubbage, N [56] Demon Dogs
Next N [57] Of Forgotten Memories


Listen to what Tirion Fordring has to say.

  • Tirion's Tale


You have worked hard, friend. Rest your weary bones and allow me to properly introduce myself.


You will receive:


Please, friend; sit and hear my tale.


The Fordring redemption will be a difficult task. Are you prepared?


Speaking with Tirion
Sit and listen to my story, <race>.

Gossip I am ready to hear your tale, Tirion.

I must apologize for not being entirely truthful with you in regards to my identity. I had to be certain that you could be trusted - few people would have selflessly lent assistance to an old and forgotten hermit.
You have proven yourself as one of those people: A person of integrity and honor.

Gossip Thank you, Tirion. What of your identity?

My son, Taelan, was only a child when I was found guilty of treason and banished from the Alliance to live a life in exile. I chose to remain here so that I could watch over him; to somehow insure that he would grow up an honorable man.
As I had hoped, he took my place as lord of Mardenholde; but in a cruel twist of fate, joined the ranks of the Scarlet Crusade. He is now their Highlord, <race>.

Gossip That is terrible.

Indeed. The Scarlet Crusade are an aberration of the Order of the Silver Hand.
You must believe me, <race>; Taelan is a good man. He needs guidance. he needs to remember... remember what it is to be noble and honorable. I know that in his heart, he knows what he does is wrong. Will you help him? Will you help him remember?

Gossip I will, Tirion.


  1. N [56] Redemption
  2. N [57] Of Forgotten Memories
  3. N [58] Of Lost Honor
  4. N [58] Of Love and Family
  5. N [60] Of Love and Family
  6. N [60] Find Myranda
  7. N [60] Scarlet Subterfuge
  8. N [60G] In Dreams

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