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NeutralReeltime Strategy
Ju Lien quad-fisting reels

90 (Requires 89)




11g 40s


N [90] On the Crab



Assist Master Angler Ju Lien in Soggy's Gamble.

  • Speak with Master Angler Ju Lien [53.6, 76.0]
  • Assist Master Angler Ju Lien


I never thought I'd see the day, but for the first time since... well, EVER, Master Angler Ju Lien asked for some help with his lines.

Apparently the sea is going crazy today and he can't keep up. See if you can give him a hand. He's fishing just south of here.


You will receive: 11g 40s


Go give Ju Lien a hand, would ya?


What happened out there? I heard a scream and next thing I know these nasty things come rolling in on the next wave!



Run down the shoreline to the southern tip of Soggy's Gamble. Speak with Ju Lien, holding four fishing poles at once!

What will the sea bring us today?
Gossip Deck Boss said you needed some help.
Master Angler Ju Lien says: Pick any of these fabulous rods and CAREFULLY tug the line. That should help set the hook into whatever's flailin' around at the other end.

Tug on a line.

Master Angler Ju Lien says: Well that's unusual... Take care of it, then tug another line when you can.

A Jiao Spawn or two appears. Kill them.

Master Angler Ju Lien says: Grrr... whatever I've got here is big. Keep up the good work on those lines while I land this baby!
Master Angler Ju Lien says: What... in... Mazu's... name... HRRGHHH!!

Pull on a line one last time and the phase will change.

A gigantic tentacle appears out of the water just in front of Ju Lien.
Master Angler Ju Lien says: What the...
Jiao appears out in the distance.
Master Angler Ju Lien yells: LEVIATHAN!!
Master Angler Ju Lien says: We gotta warn the others!
Just as Ju Lien turns around to start running, the tentacle snags him into the water!
Master Angler Ju Lien yells: Aaaagghhhh!!

Head back to Arie to turn in. Neutral Jiao Spawn are swarming! The captain offers the next quest.


Optional breadcrumb: N [90] Gambling Problem

  1. N [90] Mazu's Breath
  2. N [90] Fresh Pots & N [90] You Otter Know
  3. N [90] Meet the Cap'n
  4. N [90] Walking Dog & N [90] Old Age and Treachery & N [90] On the Crab & N [90] Shark Week & N [90] Dog Food
  5. N [90] Reeltime Strategy
  6. N [90] The Mariner's Revenge
  7. N [90] Mazu's Bounty

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