Refined Gentleman

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NeutralRefined Gentleman
Image of Refined Gentleman
Gender Male
Race(s) Dwarf, Human
Level 80
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Schnottz's Landing, Uldum

The Refined Gentleman are dwarves and humans attending a party held by Belloc Brightblade at Schnottz's Landing in Uldum.

Objective of


I say! raise a glass, my friend!
Take in the sights here.
This entire region has been hidden away for ages, you know.

Gossip What do you know of our generous host, sir?

Why, just look at the treasure he has accumulated!
I'm not always comfortable with his methods, but there's no denying the results...
Best not to dwell upon unpleasant thoughts. It's bad manners, you know.

Gossip Hmmm, well what is it that brings you to these parts?

Speculation, my dear boy!
Once again our eager little furrier has unearthed enough treasure, he'll be one of Azeroth's most influential figures.
We'll all be properly positioned when that comes to pass.

During N [83] Crisis Management

I cannot be certain of what I saw.
It was over before I realized what was happening.
Terrible business!
There was a horrific growling noise that seemed to echo throught[sic] the region.
Poor fellow...
You'll excuse me - I do believe I need a drink.

During N [83] Lockdown!

I was blinded by all of the excitement.
I should have seen this coming from a mile away...


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