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When you die you are prompted with a dialog box to Release Spirit, which turns you into a ghost (or wisp spirit) at the nearest graveyard. If resurrection is unavailable, releasing your spirit and finding your corpse (or talking to the Spirit Healer, at a penalty) is the only way to come back to life. If you don't click the button within 6 minutes, you will automatically release at the nearest graveyard.


  • If your group experiences a total wipe and there is no means to resurrect, it may be considered rude to not release and run back with everyone else. Aside from being viewed as lazy, you may be needed to help deal with any wandering patrols or respawned trash.
  • If you are unfamiliar with an area and feel you may get lost when running back, inform the group and request that someone resurrect you. Having to wait on a single person to find their way back can be irritating.
  • Pay attention to where you die. If you die near hostile mobs the healer may not be able to reach your corpse safely, in which case you should release.
  • Using a self-resurrection spell such as Soulstone Resurrection or [Reincarnation] while there's still a chance that someone will be able to resurrect you conventionally after combat is considered wasteful.

Premature release

In groups, the recommended behavior is not to release until all mobs are dead or all players are dead (or cannot continue combat any further). Releasing prematurely has these disadvantages:

  • You will not be able to loot or roll on loot on mobs that die after you release.
  • You will not receive credit for any achievements if you are not in your corpse when the relevant objective is accomplished.
  • Your corpse acts as a sort of spectator view. If you release you won't be able to see what's going on.
  • Any players trying to resurrect you will have a much harder time finding your corpse.
  • If you died and ran back through the instance portal before the healer could resurrect you, you will have to navigate your way back to the main party. If you are unfamiliar with the instance or the mobs have respawned, you will slow down the group as they must work to retrieve you.
  • Some forms of resurrection spells (e.g.  [Goblin Jumper Cables]) have a much lower chance of success (and may not work at all) if you have released to the graveyard.


If for whatever reason you can't release your spirit by conventional means, the following slash command will release you: /run RepopMe()