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Remote-Controlled Tank

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AllianceRemote-Controlled Tank
Image of Remote-Controlled Tank
Race Siege engine (Mechanical)
Level 120
Health 433,610
Reaction Horde
Location Arom's Crossing, Drustvar
Status Destroyable

Remote-Controlled Tanks are siege engines that briefly appear at Arom's Crossing in Drustvar.


  • Ability vehicle sonicshockwave.png  Shattering Pulse — The caster sends out a shockwave in front of the caster, inflicting 40 Nature damage and knocking back all players within 40 yds.

Objective of


  • *BZZT* Goblin slapdashery can never match gnomish technology!
  • *BZZT* Hah! This is just pitiful, Gallywix. You're no match for my creations!
  • *BZZT* I just ran a scan... can your tech really be THAT outdated?!
  • *BZZT* Seriously, did your people iterate on this mech at all? It's barely first pass!
  • *BZZT* That mech of yours is a serious safety hazard!
  • *BZZT* This is sad, Gallywix! My creations are far stronger than yours!
  • *BZZT* Who are you kidding, Gallywix? Your machine is falling apart!

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