Removing keyloggers

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Keyloggers are getting much more sophisticated, and detecting them is an ever-growing problem. One of the common misconceptions on the internet is the belief that a single anti-virus program can be a user's savior when it comes to keeping your computer free of malware.

Security is a multi-pronged approach, and the savvy user will use a variety of tools to ensure their system remains virus and malware free.

One of the best malware detection programs is Malwarebytes. This article will show you how to run the program to obtain your best chance of detecting a keylogger on your machine.

Easy steps

  • Download Malwarebytes.
  • Install, and update it.
  • Double click on your WoW Launcher and go to the login screen. Type in a bunch of garbage in the fields (do NOT put in your valid information such as password or authenticator code). Leave that screen up, and press ALT-Tab to get back to your Windows Desktop.
  • Start Malwarebytes. You want to do a FULL scan. Anything less won't find everything that needs to be removed.

Fix anything it tells you to.

Attempt to log into WoW again.

If you log in fine, log back out, and change all your passwords. Gaming, websites, email, banking, etc. EVERYTHING.

If you still can't log into wow, then you most likely have a more serious infection on your system requiring more heavy duty tools. See removing rootkits for further instructions.